We are a medium sized Chartered Accountants firm based in Ahmedabad, India. The firm is providing services in the area of Audit & Accountancy , Startup Services, Direct and Indirect Taxation, Project Funding, Payroll Management, Business Restructuring Advisory and Virtual CFO service covering a wide range of sub activities related to the profession .We are very tech savvy using internet as a main platform to serve our clients. Our virtual CFO service with tech savvy attitude has helped many clients focus more on their own core area and forget about the finance part being Managed online by us.

The firm was established in the year of 2012 by Mr Parth Harshadbhai Patel. Currently, we have 4 qualified professionals and few other staff with total strength of 7. We are always willing to meet potential new clients for an initial discussion to explore your requirements and to explain how we think we can be of help to you. In short, we try to maintain traditional standards of services but making full use of today’s technical innovations to improve the speed and efficiency of our service.

In Nutshell, We are a team of professionals with knowledge equipped with technology helping serve the client in the best possible manner.